CodeIgniter Features in and of themselves are a very poor way to judge an application since they tell you nothing about the user experience, or how intuitively or intelligently it is designed. CodeIgniter Features don’t reveal anything about the quality of the code, or the performance, or the attention to detail, or security practices. Installing CodeIgniter is child is play so we encourage you to do just that. In the mean time here is a list of CodeIgniter is main features.

> CodeIgniter is Model-View-Controller Based System

> Session Management

> Security and XSS Filtering

> Extremely Light Weight

> Form and Data Validation

> CodeIgniter provide Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms.

> Query Builder Database Support

> Email Sending Class

> Image Manipulation Library

> File Uploading Class

> FTP Class

> Localization

> Pagination

> Data Encryption

> Error Logging

> Full Page Caching

> Benchmarking

> Application Profiling

> Calendaring Class

> User Agent Class

> Zip Encoding Class

> Flexible URI Routing

> Unit Testing Class

> Search-engine Friendly URLs

> Support for Hooks and Class Extensions

> Trackback Class

> Template Engine Class

> Large library of “helper” functions