CodeIgniter helper file is collection of functions in a particular category.

There are CodeIgniter URL Helpers, that assist in creating links, there are Form Helpers that help you create form elements, Text Helpers perform various text formatting routines, Cookie Helpers set.

CodeIgniter Unlike most other systems in CodeIgniter, Helpers are not written in an Object Oriented format.

They are simple, procedural functions. CodeIgniter helper function performs one specific task, with no dependence on other functions.

Does not By default auto load helper file in CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter Once loaded become globally available in your controller and views.

CodeIgniter Helpers are useally stored in your system/helpers, or application/helpers directory. CodeIgniter will look first in your application/helpers directory. If specified helper is not find there CodeIgniter will needed look in your global system/helpers/ directory.

Loading a Helper

You can load Helper file with the following code:


To load URL helper,


CodeIgniter auto load helper your application that helper globally by adding helper in application/config/autoload.php.file

Loading Multiple Helpers

        array('helper_name1', 'helper_name2', 'helper_name3')