You’ve learned that we need to write our own low-cost code to create a web application using Node.js in the Node.js web server section.

There are various third-party open source frameworks available in the Node Package Manager that create the development of the Node.js application faster and easier. You can select the appropriate framework according to the needs of your application.

The below lists Node.js frameworks 2021.


Express is a Node.js web application framework that provides a solid set of features for web and mobile applications. This is the most popular framework from now on with Node.js.


Locomotive is the framework of the MVC web application for Node.js. It supports MVC patterns, renewable routes, and assembly over suspension, while seamlessly integrating with any database and engine template. Locomotive builds on Express, keeping the power and ease of expectation at Node.


Sails make it easy to build Node applications. It is designed to mimic the typical MVC pattern of frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, but with the support of modern applications: APIs driven by high-quality, service-oriented data. Great for building chat, real-time dashboards, or multi player games; but you can use it for any web application project - top to bottom.


Geddy is a easy, structured web application framework for Node.js based on MVC architecture.


Koa is a new web framework designed for the Express Rear group, which aims to be a smaller, more transparent, and robust base for web applications and APIs.


Keystone is the open source framework for developing database-driven websites, applications and APIs in Node.js. Built on Express and MongoDB.


Hapi is a wealthy Node.js framework for building applications and services.


Derby supports single-page applications with the full MVC architecture, including a Racer-provided model, a template and style-based view, and a code-based control code for the application and routes.


This HTML5 framework for browser and server from Yahoo provides direct MVC access to the server website via local routes. One smart feature allows the code to move. If a client is unable to use JavaScript for some reason, Mojito will use it on the server - an easy way to handle very small clients.


Frisby is a REST API testing framework built on node.js and Jasmine that makes testing API endpoints easy, fast, and fun.


Chocolate is a easy webapp framework built on Node.js using Coffeescript.