In this episode, we will discuss exploring whether a list of different members or not in php. This post will give you a simple php example to determine if the array is multidimensional. We will look at an example of a php check multidimensional list. I would like to share with you how you can check that the array is multidimensional php. Here, Creating a basic check check if the list is an example of php multidimensional.

Here, I will give you a simple example of how to check if an array is multidimensional or not in php. sometimes when we need to look at a given list it is single or multidimensional in php, so basically we can write code depending on the type of list.

In this model we will build isMultiArray() with the same member argument. we have to pass a lot of listing as opposed to working will consider that multiple configurations when using multiple objects using rsort(), isset() and is_array() php function. So, here's a simple example of looking at a multi-member layout with or without php, let's see.


    $single_array = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
    $multi_array = [
        ["id"=>1, "name"=>"Dharmik"],
        ["id"=>2, "name"=>"Sanket"],
        ["id"=>3, "name"=>"Fenil"],
    var_dump(isMultiArray($single_array ));
    var_dump(isMultiArray($multi_array ));
    function isMultiArray($arr) { 
        return isset($arr[0]) && is_array($arr[0]);