Install PHP we suggest you to Install AMP software and it's available for all operating systems. This is the top Open Source PHP Server Hosts.







How to install xampp in windows.

Step 1: Download and Install XAMPP Server

Click here to download XAMPP server

Step 2: Downloading XAMPP double Click on the downloaded file and Allow XAMPP to make changes in your system. A window will pop-up and where you have to click on the next Button.

Step 3: Select the components which you want to install and click next button.

Step 4: Choose a folder/directory where you want to Install the XAMPP in your system & click next button.

Step 5: Click Next button and move ahead.

Step 6: XAMPP is ready to Install so Click on the next button and install the XAMPP.

Step 7: A finish window will display after successful installation. Click on the Finish button.

Step 8: Choose your preferred language.

Step 9: XAMPP is ready to use. Start the Apache server and MySQL and run the php program on the localhost.How to run PHP programs on XAMPP, see in the next tutorial.

Step 10: If no error is shown, then XAMPP is running successfully.

Let us execute this example by visiting the following URL in the browser.